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Why not create a new form of
research support with academist?
Why not create a new form of
research support with academist?
Starting from academic crowdfunding,
we propose solutions that connect researchers and society.

academist aims to realize an "open academic industry" and is advancing a wide range of initiatives. We have received various inquiries from universities and research institutions, such as wanting to know the trend of external funding including academic crowdfunding, and wanting to convey university initiatives to citizens and companies to strengthen social collaboration. Therefore, academist offers a partnership program to promote effective collaboration.

academist Partnership Program

Hosting University Seminars

We will host online or on-site seminars on academic crowdfunding and fan club activities tailored to your needs, not only for the entire university but also according to the target audience and theme.

Sharing Know-How for Academic Crowdfunding Operations

Based on our past achievements, we will share know-how to smoothly operate crowdfunding within the university. From internal project selection to accepting support funds, we will assist in designing the system.

Developing Research Promotion Strategies

We will create a special site introducing your research institution's initiatives and conduct press releases upon partnership. Press conferences and various event planning are also possible. We will consider strategies to maximize PR effects while clearly defining what both parties want to achieve through crowdfunding.

Why academist is Chosen as a Partner

Comprehensive Research Support

Since our service began in 2014, we have not only facilitated research funding through crowdfunding but also consistently provided appropriate solutions to solve researchers' challenges. Through collaborations with companies, research support institutions, and stakeholders in events and communities, we offer comprehensive support to advance research to the next level.

Extensive Collaboration Experience with Universities and Research Institutions

We have implemented projects for researchers in various fields from over 170 universities and research institutions and supported information dissemination for over 1000 researchers. The insights gained from research support are shared through lectures at various universities, research institutions, and academic societies, as well as through books and papers, to pursue better research support through dialogue with diverse stakeholders.

Examples of Utilizing the academist Partnership Program

Partnership Results

Tokai National Higher Education and Research System, Kobe University, Shizuoka University, University of the Ryukyus, University of Tsukuba, Japan Science Foundation, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Kanagawa Prefecture, and others

Frequently Asked Questions


In general, it is free. If you have requests other than the contents of the "academist Partnership Program" mentioned above, please contact us.


After meeting with your representative, we will send you a template of the partnership agreement. Based on the template, we will discuss any changes and conclude the contract in a form that is easy for your institution to operate.


Generally, we transfer the support funds to the challenger's affiliated institution as a donation at the end of the support period of the project, by the end of the following month. We can also accommodate other formats, so please consult with us.


After confirming the support amount, we will submit supporter information necessary for issuing donation receipts along with the donation application form to your representative. Based on that, your institution will issue and send the donation receipts to the supporters.


It is possible to use excess support funds as funding for related research at the challenger's discretion. In that case, we recommend reporting the use of support funds to supporters.


For purchase-type projects, we generally enter into a sales contract between us and the supporters. For donation-type projects, a donation agreement is concluded between the challenger's affiliated institution and the supporters.


Generally, the challenger handles returns. At academist, we emphasize support from research fans by conveying the charm of research, so we do not generally recommend setting up returns that require production, ordering, and shipping. Our staff will suggest returns that relatively reduce the burden on the challenger and maximally convey the charm of research, such as research reports and online exchange meetings.


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