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​​We connect researchers
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Creating a world where researchers can make the most of their potential.

Philosophy of academist

In every era, researchers have challenged the unknown and contributed to the development of mankind. Those who pursue mysteries that no one has yet solved. Some work to solve social problems. Even if they do not know when or for what purpose they will be useful, they try to leave more things for the future. In other words, researchers are the pioneers who have led and created the evolution of the society in which we live.

On the other hand, due to the excessive "selection and concentration" of science and technology budgets and the decrease in subsidies for operation, researchers in Japan are currently finding it difficult to conduct basic research based on their intellectual curiosity, and therefore the academic soil for nurturing the seeds of innovation is crumbling.

academist aims to realize an "open academia" and to create a world in which researchers, who have built the foundations of the future society, can play their fullest roles by creating a system in which various patronages are realized not only by the government but also by private companies and individuals.

Significance of Academic Crowdfunding

Researchers who have actually taken on the challenge of crowdfunding have said, "It is encouraging to see that there are so many people who support my research," and "I made unexpected connections that led to joint research. Academic crowdfunding is not just a means to obtain funding, but it can also be an opportunity to meet new people and form communities based on the vision of researchers. We hope that through your support, you will be able to get closer to researchers and experience a new world view.

How academist works and rules

In academist, we list "spot support type (donation type/purchase type)" and "monthly support type (purchase type)" crowdfunding projects.

Spot support type and monthly support type

・The spot support type is a system in which a challenger sets a target amount and a deadline for soliciting research funds for a specific purpose. If the amount of support reaches the target amount within the set deadline, the crowdfunding is a success, and the challenger receives the research expenses and the supporter receives the return. If the target amount is not reached, the supporter's reservation for support will be cancelled and no payment will be made (All or Nothing type).

Spot type

・The monthly support type is a system in which the Challenger raises research and living expenses by continuously communicating his or her research activities. The monthly support type does not set a target amount, so the challenger can receive research and living expenses every month (All In type).

Fanclub type

Donation type and purchase type

・When a project is marked as "Donation Type", the supporter makes a "donation" to the researcher. In this case, you are eligible for tax incentives. Please check the project page for the date of receipt and other information.

・Other projects are "purchase type". In the purchase type project, the supporter does not "donate" to the researcher, but "purchases" the return offered by the researcher. In the purchase type project, 10% consumption tax will be charged on the support amount (e.g. 5,000 yen return tax included 5,500 yen). The timing for receiving the return differs depending on the project, so please check each project page.

How we support you

・You can pay by credit card (Visa/Mastercard only), bank transfer or convenience store. If you make a mistake in entering your credit card number or expiration date, if you use a credit card other than Visa/Mastercard, or if you exceed the credit limit, an error message will be displayed.

・The amount of additional support for each Challenger is not disclosed. The amount of additional support will not be disclosed, so even if you add up the product of the price of each return and the number of supporters listed on the project page, it may not match the total amount of support.

About fees

・​​If the spot support type project is successful, the Challenger can use up to 80% of the amount raised (after deducting our fees, settlement fees, return expenses, etc.) for research expenses.

・In the case of the monthly support type project, the Challenger can use up to 90% of the amount raised per month (after deducting our fees, settlement fees, return expenses, etc.) for research or living expenses.

​​Frequently Asked Questions

Spot support type

Please note that due to the nature of crowdfunding, we are unable to cancel your support. Please check the project details carefully before providing your support.
The timing of delivery will vary depending on the contents of the return. Please check each project page for details.
Please note that some returns, such as "your name in the acknowledgements", may take some time to be realized or may not be possible depending on the progress of the research. Please check the feasibility of the return on each project page before supporting the project.
If you do not need to receive duplicate returns, please indicate that in the remarks section when placing your order.
If your arrival is significantly delayed, academist will send you an email to that effect. Also, there is a possibility that the email is classified as spam, so please check that as well. If you have not received the email, please contact us at info at
Basically, only supporters should participate. It is possible if there is a description such as "Up to one companion is allowed" on the project page.
There is a "Comment" column for each project on the website. If you enter a support message when you are supported, the "user name, support message, photo" will be published. If you do not fill in the support message, none of the registration information will be disclosed.
You can log in from the "Login" button on the upper right of academist and update from "Edit Profile" on the left side of My Page.
After the support is completed, an automatic delivery email will be sent to your registered address from info at, so please check there. You can also check the support history on My Page displayed after logging in.
Depending on your e-mail address and settings, such as when using carrier e-mail, the e-mail from the academist may not arrive due to an error. We would appreciate it if you could try again with a different email address or include your phone number when making inquiries.
Please try another web browser, or there may be a temporary error, so please wait a while and try the support procedure again. If the situation does not improve, please contact info at
Is possible. Please register your corporate information when you support us. If you need a receipt, please contact us at info at Please note that tax incentives are not available for purchase-type projects.
Yes. Since the credit line is secured at the time of support registration, it will be reflected in the calculation of the limit amount, but the payment will be confirmed by settlement only after the project is completed. If the project is not achieved (if payment is not made after securing the credit line), it will be automatically canceled after a certain period of time and the limit will be restored. The period until cancellation depends on the card company. Also, if the type of card you are using is a debit card or prepaid card, immediate withdrawal processing may occur at each timing of "securing credit line" and "confirming payment". The amount deducted in "Securing credit line" will be returned to the user's account at a later date according to the specifications of each card issuing company, but depending on the card details, it may appear to be temporarily double-counted. There is also the possibility that it will end up. If you have any concerns, please contact info at
A small amount of money may be withdrawn by the card company to confirm the validity of the card number (whether the card number can be used) when registering or ordering the card. We offer an immediate refund for this payment, but please note that it may take some time to reflect. We would appreciate it if you could check with each card company regarding the period until refund.

Monthly Support Type

Please see the return section of the project page for details, as it depends on the project.
Since it is a purchase-type crowdfunding, it is not a tax-saving measure.
It will be the end of every month (30th or 31st).
Basically, the information of the supporters does not pass to the challenger. However, this does not apply if you choose a face-to-face return such as a science cafe.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us using this form as we are currently unable to complete the procedures on the site.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us using this form as we are currently unable to complete the procedures on the site.
Please select the support you want to withdraw from the support history on My Page and complete the withdrawal procedure. Payment will not be made in the month when you contact us to withdraw from the membership and in the months after that. However, please note that you will not be able to see posts in the month when payment is not completed (if you withdraw from the membership on October 15th, October).
Basically, refunds are not possible. If you do not receive a return, please contact the academist Fanclub Management Office (info at


Please proceed to delete your account from the "Account Deletion" section on your Supporter My Page.
※ If you are registered as a Challenger, please contact the academist Operations Office.
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